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Belonging - 9 March

Live show 7:00 pm @ Fringe, Student Competition 10am @ CUHK

Looking for entertainment on the weekend? Hong Kong Stories has 2 upcoming events! 

LIVE SHOW - 9 March 

Hong Kong Stories is returning for our 8th year to the Hong Kong International Literary Festival for a LIVE SHOW on Saturday 9 March! This year our show has the theme ‘Belonging’ - come and listen to our storytellers tell their true, first person stories - they will delight, astonish and confirm that the world if full of wonders! You belong with us at the Fringe Club, Saturday night - tickets can be found  through the link below.

Date: 9 March

Time: 7:30 pm


Come and have a listen to how brilliant our students are! A selection Hong Kong’s bravest speakers will be taking to the stage to tell their true, first person stories live! Come and be a part of their journey and find out what stories they will tell on the theme of ‘Belonging’! This event is free admission but you will still need to register for a ticket through the link! 

Date: 9 March

Time 10:00am