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    Free Workshop

    Free Workshop

    Starbucks, Prosperity Tower, Central
    This workshop is open to anyone and each participant will tell a story and give feedback to others on their stories. You don't need to have a completed or polished story ready -- just an idea will do. There are some requirements: Your story must be true It has to be in the 'first person' (you are the main character) Limited to 7 minutes. Shorter stories are welcome. The purpose of every workshop, including this one, is to more storytellers one step closer to a great story. The purpose of Hong Kong Stories is to help your story be heard and to foster and promote storytelling in the community.
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  • Shows in 2023

    Shows are becoming more regular as we extricate ourselves from the mess of the last few years.


    Oct 8 - India By The Bay - Hosted by Rachel @Aisa Society - Ticketing Link

    Sept 21 - Piece of Cake - Hosted by Vincent @Fringe Club

    June 29 - Asking for a Friend - Hosted by Lesley @Fringe Club

    May 26 - All at Sea - Hosted by Jenn @ Fringe Club

    April 29 - Ooh La La - Hosted by Gina @ Fringe Club

    March 11 - Our Roots - Hosted by Rachel and part of the HKILF @ Soho House

    March 11 - Student Story Slam finals hosted by Jenn and part of the YRF @ Fringe Club

    March 10 - Crafting Your Personal Story - Jenn Horgos @HKILF

    Feb 9 - Lost in Translation - hosted by Niharika @ Fringe Club


  • About us

    Hong Kong Stories is a group dedicated to the art of storytelling in Hong Kong. We focus on telling true, first person stories live, on stage, without notes and in front of an audience. We run weekly workshops and produce over 12 live shows per year (when pandemics do not interfere).


    Hong Kong Stories is a volunteer led and run organisation and a registered society. We have a podcast with listenership of over 300,000, a Facebook page, a Facebook Group, a Twitter feed and an Instagram page. They all say pretty much the same thing, we love stories and we would love to hear yours! If you have further questions please email.


    Everyone has a story to tell.

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  • Your Best Story



    sign up on Meetup and get yourself to one of our free monthly workshops held in Hong Kong - we sometimes duplicate the workshops on our Facebook page


    If you have never been to a show and are unsure what storytelling is - have a listen to our podcast 



    go to a pitch workshop and pitch your true, first person story to the host of the next live show - If selected go to step 3



    we tell stories without notes so you will need to practice - the show host will give you times and dates



    stand up and tell your story on front of a live audience, amazing your family and friends and astounding your coworkers

  • What is all this about anyway?

    The origins and ethos of HKS

    Why we are so darn good and what you can do about it

    We have two ways you can be involved, the first is to be a storyteller, the second is to be an audience member! If you want to be an audience member, you can find the monthly show dates here and ticketing for the shows can be found on the link in the News section above.


    Yeah, we are pretty awesome. It is true. But the thing is - you could be awesome too. Just join us, we promise you won't have to sign up to any strange doctrines or do physical training, but you may have to learn how to be in front of the microphone without any of those pesky notes.


    Hong Kong Stories is a community-focused organisation run by people who like getting involved and telling great stories. We hold weekly free workshops and monthly live shows to bring fresh, original storytelling to Hong Kong. We mostly tell stories in English, though we don't require our storytellers to be perfect. Over the years we have built a really fantastic community of people with diverse and different backgrounds.


    A note to audience members - Storytelling isn't just for kids, in fact, our storytellers tell true stories about their real lives and it isn't always pretty - or appropriate for children. That is why our shows have a 16+ advisory rating. If you would like to hear what it sounds like before you venture out - try listening to the podcast!

  • Podcast

    Listen to our podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes/ApplePodcasts, Spotify and Google Play and any other podcast provider we can think of!
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    If you would like to purchase a 30 second to 1 minute ad on our podcast please email us directly.
    Please do not contact us asking to be interviewed on the podcast. I know you are really interesting and have great stories but we are not an interview style podcast. Come to a workshop instead, trust us, it is way more fun!

  • Storytellers

    We've got a top notch group! Storytellers who appear 2 or more time on stage are featured in our gallery!

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    Student Story Slam 2021/2

    Written and performed by are HK students!

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    Founder, Storyteller

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    24/7 - Times of our Lives

    May 2017 Complete Show

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    Stories from the Refugee Community in Hong Kong

    Written by Vania Chow

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    Stories from Student Workshops

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