• Student Story Slam 2020: Seconds

    This competition offers students a public speaking experience to boost creativity and build presentation skills.

    The event will be held in English, but students will be judged on their story rather than their English proficiency.



    A story slam is a storytelling competition. The stories are true and told by the person it happened to.

    Each storyteller is given 5 minutes to tell their story on stage in front of a live audience and judges.


    All the finalists will have the option of being included in the Hong Kong Stories Podcast, listened to all over the world.


    This year’s theme is SECONDS. The theme is purposefully broad and open to interpretation.


    How and When?

    Students write and submit an audio recording of their stories by 25th September via email.

    Our panel of experienced storytellers will listen to every story and provide feedback by mid-October.

    Finalists will tell their stories live at the end of October. (Date and venue to be confirmed.)

    Further details about submissions will be sent in August.


    If you have any questions, contact us at storieshongkong@gmail.com.


    Stories by last year’s finalists can be heard on our podcast via the following links:

    “Competition” by Mehrosh and “Class Trip” by Samson

    Got Talent?” by Hilda and “Saudade” by Manoela

    “Yellow” by Julian and “Knock, Knock” by Matthew



    We can’t wait to hear your students’ stories!



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