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Live Show April 18 2018

8 pm at the Fringe Club

Come on down to the Fringe Club to experience Hong Kong Stories Monthly Live Show!

Have you ever wondered what really goes down in Boogie Wonderland? Want the truth about those Blue Suede Shoes? Are you ready to face up to your musical indiscretions? Then join us at our April as our storytellers hit all the right notes in our monthly live show with the theme – Face The Music! Come hear the medley of true, first person stories that will have you shouting for an encore!
Hong Kong Stories is a not-for-profit society dedicated to the art of storytelling. Our live monthly shows are a collection of true stories told before a live audience. Every show is a journey and it's always a hilarious, heart warming human experience.
It’s better than comedy. It’s better then drama. It's real life.
*Please note you will need to purchase a ticket for this event.

Tickets can be purchased by following this link: