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HK Stories at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Tuesday 7 November 2017 at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Hong Kong Stories is absolutely tickled to announce we will return to the stage for the Hong Kong International Literary Festival for 2017! We loved being part of the festival in 2016 when we showcased 8 stories on a range of topics - from a heartbreaking account of parental divorce to an alternate take on the place of religion in a modern family, our stories are always true and always relevant.

This year our storytellers will once more grace the stage to bring you more true, first person stories to delight, astonish and surprise.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Date: Tuesday, 7 Nov 2017

Location: Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Time: 8 - 10 pm

Tickets: HKIL Website