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LIVE SHOW - Fri, 28 April 2023  

April Live Show - Ooh La La!

Have you memories of a moment that have seared itself into your brain?Something a bit spicy? Or something embarrassing? Have you ever been caught with your pants (metaphorically or otherwise) down? Or caught someone else? What blunders have seared themselves into your memory and will not come out? Come and enjoy a bit of schadenfreude as you listen to stories of blunders that have happened (thankfully) to someone else!

On April 28 at the Fringe Club, you can come and listen to our storytellers as they share their true, first person story on the theme of ‘Ooh lala!’

September’s show is being pulled together by the careful and delightful handsof Gina.

Hong Kong Storiesis a not-for-profit society dedicated to the art of storytelling. Find more information on

It’s better than drama, it’s better than comedy, it’s real life.

Date: Friday, April 28

Time: 8 - 10 pm

Location: Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road