Every week Hong Kong Stories hosts a free, open, public workshop where you can tell any story you like. We like you to sign-up on Meetup because space is limited. First thing you need to do is join our Meetup Group.

The workshops are open to everyone from veteran public speakers to first time storytellers. The workshops, like the shows,  are aimed towards an adult audience so just be warned, we won’t change our subject matter to suit your children!

Expect a mixed crowd of locals and expats from all walks of life. Be prepared to listen politely, give helpful feedback and to tell a short story of your own! Your first story is probably not going to be ready to tell on stage – but that is why we have workshops. Our workshop hosts are here to guide you through the steps necessary to craft your story into a piece of perfection.

Still not sure what to expect? Come to a workshop and find out!

Everyone has a story to tell!


Hong Kong stories workshop