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Wild Things

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 - 8-10 pm at the Fringe Club!

Wondering what to do in July? Too hot to handle the weather? Well mark your calendars because Hong Kong Stories has a treat for you!

Our 25 July Live Show is coming on is coming up and the theme is WILD THINGS!

The evening will feature true stories that tell about wild nights out, unruly kids, or encounters with critters in the wilds of the world - or maybe they will be about that time our storytellers did the awkward “wild thing” yoga pose and the consequences!

Join us for a night of true, first person stories that will bring back the wild child, deal you a wild card, or send you on a wild goose chase. You never know what stories our tellers will tell - they will be beyond your wildest dreams...

Come and listen to some true stories told live. It's better than comedy, it's better than drama, it's real life!

Time: 8 pm

Location: The Fringe Club Hong Kong

Tickets: 120$

Buy tickets here!

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