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Three Live Shows in May!

As part of the Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival!

Hong Kong Stories is pleased to present two Top Notch shows in May - with an additional show with the title 'Age of Reason'!

Top Notch 1 & 2 showcase the best of the stories told in the past 12 months. Stories that have resonated in our storytelling core - so much that we want to hear them again! On Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26 at the Fringe Club our audiences will be treated to stories that have been honed to perfection! Don't miss these! Tickets are on sale now!

But wait! There is more! our Creative Director, Jannita has designed a show that will mix up our regular storytelling event and turn it into something that is both familiar and new! Under the theme of Age of Reckoning, our audience will be regaled with stories told in a different way, stories of coming of age, youth and the hazards of getting older. This show will be on Thursday 24 May also at the Fringe Club and tickets are available now!

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