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Show Dates for 2019!

The show dates for 2019 are below! All dates listed below will be hosted at the Fringe Club in Hong Kong!

January 30 - New Territories hosted by Jenn and Suhas

February 27 - Direction Unknown hosted by Kristen

March 27 - An experimental show directed and hosted by Jannita

April 17 - Hosted by Gina

May 27 - June 1 Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival

June 26 - Rewind hosted by Niharika

July 24 - Belonging hosted by Rachel

August - No Show!

September 11 - Hosted by Jenn

October 23 - Hosted by Mel

December 4 - Hosted by Edward

If you are interested in telling in a show the first step is to get yourself to a workshop! Find the details on our Meetup Group!

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