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Ready, Steady, Go  

Jan 23 Live Show

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 @ the Fringe Club

Join us for our first show of 2020 and start the year with some stories!

Our theme for January is 'Ready, Steady, Go' and we are busy practicing and workshopping our stories to make them the best they can be.
Are you ready for a new decade? Are you that person who is planned and ready for anything or are you the person in the back who didn’t even know you were in the race? Are you braced for the start of something new or relieved that you reached the end of something else? Does the shout of ‘GO’ fill you with anticipation or dread?
Come and listen to our storytellers as they tell you of where their journeys took them. The show will be on THURSDAY January 23 from 8 - 10 PM at the Fringe Club in Central.

Time: 8 - 10 pm
Location: Fringe Club, Central
Date: THURSDAY 23 January 2020
Tickets: 120$, 96$ for Fringe Club members $130 on the door ( if tickets are not sold out beforehand)
Ticketing link:

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