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PLAY! June 27 Live Show!

Fringe Club 8 - 10 pm

Coming from our amazing successes of May - we are already looking forward to June's Live Show! June's show has the theme 'Play' and will be hosted by Austin!

Playing around, play time, child's play, not playing by the rules, playing by ear, playing devil's advocate, good play, playing the fool, play on words, all work and no play, foul play, making a play for someone, playing it safe, not playing with a full deck... the world is full of playful potential at any moment. Come on and listen to our storytellers - who are all ready to play ball!

Time: 8 - 10 pm

Location: Fringe Upstairs, 2 Lower Albert Road, Hong Kong

Tickets 120$/*96$ *for Fringe Club members

Get tickets through this link!

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