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New Territories - January 30 Show!

At the Fringe Club, 8 - 10 pm

Come listen to our storytellers on 30 January!

Welcome to Hong Kong Stories Monthly Live Show!

With new years come new territories. Everyone can relate to the thrill and disquiet of wandering into a new territory. Here in Hong Kong, the New Territories is where some go to find adventure, challenge or peace and quiet. Come and hear true stories about venturing to new territories at our next live show on January 30th. This show will be hosted by Jenn and Suhas.

Hong Kong Stories is a not for profit society dedicated to the art of storytelling. It’s better than drama, it’s better than comedy, it’s real life.

Time: 8 - 10 pm

Location: Fringe Upstairs, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central

Tickets: 120$, 96$ for Fringe Club Members

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