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HOME - 10 Oct Live Show

at the Fringe Club

Welcome to the October 10, 2018 Hong Kong Stories Live Show! Our storytellers will take to the stage to tell you their true, first person stories on the theme of 'Home'.

We’ve often heard “home is where the heart is” or “a house is not a home.” But what does Home really mean to you? Does it invoke a memory - a place, a person, a plate of your favourite home-made food? Or represent a plan, a project, a possibility of feeling most at home?
Whether they are leaving or coming home, losing or finding a home, and all the times in between when they are home-less, home-sick, home-bound and home-making, our storytellers will share with you the colours and textures, the taste and sound and smell that make them think of home.

Please note that this show requires you to purchase a ticket to attend. Tickets will go on sale by 29 September 2018 and can be found on

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