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50 Shades of Red - Postponed

postponed to MARCH 2020 at the RIFF in LKF - Date TBC

Our February show has been postponed. We will attempt to resume in MARCH 2020!

Watch this space for details.

Red is the colour of passion: Anger is red. So is happiness. But what is the colour of the absence of passion? Red has many shades, from the crimson of a deep red rose to the faint light of rosy dawn. How we feel (or deal) with our passion makes us unique. Do you have a burning memory of a lost lover? Is your relationship running cold? Did you have deal with someone’s anger? Do you have a memory of a sunset that changed your life? Come and share your unique stories of shades of red with us!

Join us for our next live show with thrilling tales with a red hue.

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